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This Is Montreal's Ultimate Summer City Travelling Hack

Now you can literally go wherever, whenever.
This Is Montreal's Ultimate Summer City Travelling Hack

This city is packed with several commute options. As a Montrealer, you probably want to travel in a quick, easy and affordable way. You may choose to ride the STM, drive a car, walk or hail a cab. But as the day goes on, you'll often feel like there's something missing to get you from that bus stop to your office or simply to save you from walking up those insane Montreal mountains.

With car2go, Montrealers can get just that. 

Car2go is this city's newest and best form of hassle- free commute. Here's why:

  • Once registered, a car2go member can hop into any car that's closest to them or book one 30 minutes prior to their departure.
  • Once parked, your car2go can be picked up by another member instantly, unless you chose to reserve it.
  • You don't need to worry about your car. Once you've arrived at the destination, it's no longer your responsibility.
  • Planning to travel this summer? car2go recently added a new feature to its program, allowing all drivers to use their memberships in any of car2go's 13 cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and more.
  • Aside from your membership fee, all you need to pay for is your drive time, and it's actually super affordable!

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