This Is Montreal's "Urban Shooting Range" You Never Knew Existed

No permits needed and entirely safe. For real.
This Is Montreal's "Urban Shooting Range" You Never Knew Existed

As an avid player of video games and watcher of action films (as I'm sure some of you are), I've seen guns used on-screen, and always wondered what it would be like to use one myself. Even if you aren't a geek like me, the same thought has definitely crossed your mind. Fulfilling the fantasy is far from easy, but now, in Montreal, you can have the whole shooting range experience, without paying tons of cash, or even being in any real danger. Actually.

Tir du Soleil is Montreal's only sport and recreational air gun range, which allows you to have the whole gun-toting experience, without any of the drawbacks, namely high costs and the need for permits. Also important to note for anyone hesitant/scared of being around loaded guns shouldn't be, because all the weaponry at Tir du Soleil is 100% safe and tested.

All of Tir du Soleil's equipment are actual guns, except for the fact that they don't use gunpowder, which allows you to use them without need a permit while also making them inherently safer. You have a whole arsenal to choose from, with options including a rifle, revolver, combat pistol, and even a semi-automatic Rambo-style shooter, all manufactured by brand name gun-makers. Pick the type of shooting experience you want (ranging from $15-$40) and you can test your aim on the shooting range for an hour, with unlimited shots.

We actually went to go try out sharpshooting skills at Tir du Soleil, and the whole experience is pretty legit. The guns, and the shooting range itself, are everything you'd see at any other shooting range, and the instructors give you pointers on how to aim/fire. Anyone who thinks they're a good shot just from playing Halo will be surprised to learn the real shooting experience is quite different, giving you a real experience that videogames simply don't compare to.

Tir du Soleil isn't just for gamers, though. You'd be surprised at the mixed clientele that have already been to the place, ranging from young professionals, to couples, and families. A guy even proposed to his girlfriend there. No joke, it happened.

Located right by Snowdon metro, Tir du Soleil is truly a unique concept, though entirely enjoyable. Being able to fire a gun (without any of the hassle of driving outside of the city + getting a permit) is a break-from-the-norm experience you'll probably enjoy more than you think.

Find out more by heading to the Tir du Soleil website and Facebook page here, or check out their Instagram.