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This Is Montreal's Waffle-Iron Nutella & Banana Sandwich You Need To Eat On World Nutella Day

Enjoy Nutella guilt-free today because you're supposed to.
This Is Montreal's Waffle-Iron Nutella & Banana Sandwich You Need To Eat On World Nutella Day

Photo cred - Yeh! Yogurt & Cafe

Nutella fans (so anyone with taste buds and a soul) should already know that today, Thursday, February 5th, is World Nutella Day. Yes, Nutella has an entire day devoted to it now, and has for the last nine years, apparently. If you didn't know, then you're obviously not a true choco-hazelnut fan. No stress though, because this year you'll be getting more than a few new ways to enjoy Nutella's food holiday, thanks to Yeh! Frozen yogurt of all places.

Using their new waffle-iron for more than just grilled cheese, Yeh! is going hard for Nutella Day, with some enticing Nutella-tastic menu additions being added today. Pictured above is but one of Yeh's decadent Nutella creations, and easily our most anticipated, the Nutella & Banana waffle-iron sandwich.

The classic combo of Nutella and bananas is given new life, or in less dramatic terms, the delicious duo is being put into a waffle-wich. Crispy, portable, and literally bursting with ooey-gooy Nutella goodness, a waffle-iron Nutella-Banana sandwich will be the perfect snack to lift your spirits out of winter's woes.

Yeh! is pulling out all the stops for World Nutella Day, with more menu additions on the way. A Peanut Butter & Nutella waffle-wich is also being released (think Reese cup in waffle form), to be paired with Yeh's existing Nutella froyo and crepes, but what you'll really want to get your mouth around is the "Nutella Coma" shake, which is a blend of Nutella, fro-yo, and Oreo cookies. Thursday can't come quick enough.

Get the waffle-iron Nutella sandwiches, Nutella Coma, and all kinds of Nutella-ness at Yeh! for World Nutella Day, our favourite made up holiday ever. Sorry Valentine's Day, you may bring chocolate, but that ain't Nutella.