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This Is Naked Nutella Tuesdays

Somehow, Nutella keeps on getting better.

Photo cred - Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

Comedian/professional prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is a genius. Why? Because he managed to combine two of everyone's favourite things into a weekly social media event unseen on the interwebs before. Tuesdays have never been so sinfully and explicitly delcious since Vitaly created naked Nutella Tuesdays, officially dubbed "Nutaly Tuesdays."

Not technically naked, the weekly challenge is all about getting semi-nude with Nutella. So, with your SO, or anyone you're comfy with showing a little skin with, slather on some edible Nutella-wear (or lingerie) and snap a pic. Vitaly started the naked-Nutella iniative last week on his Instagram account, with the scandalous pic below:

It's been a full week since the beginning of Nutaly Tuesdays, and since it is Tuesday today, you can participate with your very own nudetella pic. Hashtag it with Nutaly so everyone else can see too ;).

To follow up on Nutaly Tuesdays, and Vitaly's many other pranks and hilarious hijinx, head over to his FB page and Instagram account.

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