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This Is NOT The Future Of Technology

Already 1 million pre-orders... And for what?!
This Is NOT The Future Of Technology

From the brilliant mind of....(actually I think this idea was flat out stolen by Apple "geniuses") comes the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch can probably be best described as the first piece of Apple technology where it could take awhile for it to go mainstream. As someone who has recognized the lack of "genius" behind Apple products since the passing of Steve Jobs, I wasn't holding my breath when watching the keynote on this new, sexy and overpriced watch. When the dust eventually settled on this shiny new product, I, and much of the world fo that matter, was more than a little disappointed.

1. Design

The one thing that the Apple Watch has in spades is the design. Honestly, it can't be beat and as someone who loves Android products, I do admit Apple takes the cake. The iWatch, regardless of what kind you purchase, will look attractive on your wrist and trendy at the same time. This kind of look clearly will cost you though, and so the cheapest watch you can get your hands on will be around 350$.

2. Price

Too much...should I go on? Okay, well the product looks amazing and it does surpasse many of the other smart watches in that sense, but not really the big contenders on the market. The fact that it's the most expensive smart watch isn't a good thing and I'm referring to the base model at that. Usefulness: This is where we take an immediate dip. All wearable tech right now is mainly useless and companies like Android and Apple are looking to establish the ground work for future, more useful, wearable tech.

3. Color

They also give you options of color and material, something that surprised me as Apple more often than not assumes they know best and release their products with limited options. I was intrigued by their decision to offer an Apple Watch that's 18 karat gold as the price is quite high, but I suppose if you make it rain pretty hard than it's not a problem. The options that come in wrist bands and watch faces are where I was most impressed. This is where Apple does stand out and prove itself, and it doesn't do a half bad job. With many options of faces and bands, your Apple Watch can go with most of your outfits without much work. The bands will definitely be pricey but the faces are included.

4. Features

The digital crown is seemingly the crown jewel on the device and along with the force touch feature, seems to be what Apple is most proud of. The digital crown acts as a home button, page scroller and zoom button all in one. It definitely makes navigating the watch simpler, and again, is a strong addition to this wearable piece of tech. The force touch is used to differentiate between a tap and a touch so that different functions are offered depending on your intent. Without an Apple Watch in my hands to test drive I can't speak to how well this feature works but I would be surprised if it did not work as originally advertised. The Apple Watch boasts an 18hr battery...which is shameful to boast about as the leading smart watches boast 1-7 days usually of use.

5. Problems

This watch, much like most wearable tech, is unnecessary. The Apple Watch boasts the ability to monitor your heart rate and connect you with your phone so that you can check notifications and messages without needing to look at your phone. However, since you will read this article and many other articles as well as snapchat your friends and Facebook all on your phone...I slowly wonder when I will choose to use my iWatch for things other than the time. The average amount of times we check or unlock our phones is roughly between 95-125 times a day. The Apple Watch seems to want to lower that by reducing the need to check your phone but the most popular apps and features on a phone are not yet available for the iWatch.

Long story short:

  • Affordable? Don't make me laugh. The Apple Watch isn't cheap.
  • Gorgeous? Yes very...if you find one on the street I would wear it...until I can find the rightful owner..*cough* *cough*
  • Necessary? It's as necessary as the other smart watches which is not at all. Wait a year or two and we'll all have chosen a side and half smart tech on our wrists...but that won't be 2015.
  • But you need one? If you need a smart watch I've thrown my support behind the Lg G Watch R. Essentially capable of everything the iWatch is but limited to use with android phones for the time being. It has great capabilities and excites me personally for the watch they release.
  • I can rock my Apple Watch with my Samsung S6 right? Nope. Apple and Android aren't on speaking terms right now which is unfortunate cause they miss out on a huge chunk of prospective buyers by forcing them to stay with their phone designer.

What are your thoughts? Is the Apple Watch worth the hype?

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