This Is "Portraits Of Montreal"

Montreal is filled with beautiful people and beautiful moments.
This Is "Portraits Of Montreal"

Montreal is a city full of beautiful people, all with their own unique story and perspective. The only problem is, living our own busy lives, we tend to forget about all of the remarkable Montrealers around us.

Inspired by the Humans of New York movement, Portraits de Montréal aims to give a voice to all of the unheard stories of Montreal. Through photos of Montrealers and their personal stories, Portraits de Montreal wants to inspire people to break through their own social bubbles and actively interact with their fellow citizens.

Taking the concept one step further, Portraits de Montréal have released their first video portrait, to create a bigger window to see into the lives of Montrealers. No interviews, just conversations, as the videos are meant to be personable, and not formal. The series is ongoing, with a new video portrait released each Friday.

We are fortunate enough to be able to share Portraits de Montréal premiere video with you all. Take a look into the lives of 5 different Montrealers below.

More in-depth videos are also on the way, following the stories of specific Montrealers in an expanded narrative.

See all of Portraits de Montréal photos and videos on their official Facebook page and website.

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