This Is Serious, Montrealer Raises Money For Cats With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

On Wednesday October 29th 2014, our nation celebrated one of our oldest and most beloved holidays: National Cat Day. As a tribute to our fuzzy national treasures, I devoted my day to raising money for cats who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (excessive poo). If you’re a human reading this, who at one point or another has suffered from IBS, then you know that diarrhea is no laughing matter.

Now imagine yourself a helpless cat. Instead of having hands to wipe your butt, you have paws. Good luck wiping your butt with paws!  Not happening. So that’s why, on Wednesday, I tried to make it so that cats don’t need to dream about growing humans hands to wipe their butts (or have alternate dreams where their paws magically possess that ability) and sought to stop the problem at the source. On one of our nation’s greatest holidays, I tried to do something useful and eradicate Feline IBS for good. What were you doing that day? This Is Serious.

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