This Is Serious, Montrealers React To The City's Bizarre Plans For Its 375th Anniversary In 2017

Forget renaming the Champlain Bridge after Rocket Richard. Let the thought of adding an M and an L to both sides of the Mont Royal cross slip from your mind. To celebrate Montreal’s 375th anniversary in 2017, our city’s government decided to take the high road and go nuts. Someone’s playing to win and his name rhymes with Flenis O’Hare. If you were expecting to wake up to a nice quiet morning in front of your computer screen to porridge eating and Fresca drinking, think again, muchacho.

I’m talking about beaver play dates, government-subsidized poutines, and so much Celine Dion that you’re gonna wish you were never born here. Just kidding. That would never happen.

Those 25 minutes I spent reading about journalism online are finally starting to pay off. Here are some serious changes that you can expect to see in Montreal in 2017 to celebrate our city’s 375th anniversary. Emotionally prepare yourself for this, for this is serious.

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