This Is The Above-Ground STM Metro Map

The Blue Line is heading to Anjou.
This Is The Above-Ground STM Metro Map

Photo cred - Taylor Noakes

Below ground is where you'd think to find the metro, but the STM may be moving things above ground in the near future, if Denis Coderre gets his way. In an official discussion held on Sunday, Montreal'st mayor and the AMT are now looking into extending the Blue line above ground, reports Journal Metro, though it may not be such a solid idea.

The not-so-official plan is to extend the Blue Line all the way to Anjou, using a light rail system instead of a below-ground metro line. Coderre is all for the above-ground Blue Line mainly for the price, as a light rail would cost three times less than an actual metro.

Nothing is set in stone, however, as Montreal's Minister of Transport still wants to analyze all the options before spending billions on a Blue light rail line. A plan doesn't need to be submitted by the AMT (who are handling the extension rather than the STM) 'til the end of the year, so don't expect an official decision for some time.

Not having to burrow below ground will definitely save a lot of cash, though critics have slammed the notion of creating an above-ground metro extension. Projet Montreal believes the new method will take too long to put in place, while local blogger Taylor Noakes has a long list of 9 reasons why the metro won't be extended via a light rail system (where the map above is from) arguing the method would not be beneficial for other metro lines either. Read his rundown of reasons here.