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This Is The #AfterSexSelfie, Instagram's Latest Craze

So trendy. even Miley is doing it.
This Is The #AfterSexSelfie, Instagram's Latest Craze

Selfies are now a mainstay of modern culture, and have pervaded every aspect of our daily lives, now even reaching as far as the bedroom.

The #AfterSexSelfie (or the #Sexfie, cuz I ain't got time for 3 words) is the latest variation of the solo-instagram pic, and it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Post-sexy time, couples take a photo together and share the moment with world wide web.

Technically a Sexfie has two people, but lezbihonest, that rule for selfies went out the window a long time ago. And yeah, the idea of taking a pic right after banging a guy or gal and showing everyone seems kind of strange, but most of the Sexfies are actually kind of adorable.

Then there are the more sloppy sexfies (looking at you Miley) which are just as enjoyable. Take a peek at the latest instagram trend below, and get some ideas to take your own sexfie. It is Friday after all.

Have you taken a Sexfie?

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