This Is The Answer To Montreal's Traffic Problems

The ultimate alternative to biking in the winter.
This Is The Answer To Montreal's Traffic Problems

Winter in Montreal has never slowed us down too much, and while we do manage to embrace it pretty well, there's always room for improvement. If the recent icestorm taught us anything, it's that the city's sidewalks have serious potential for a slippery downfall.

Unless you are like this Montreal family, who decided to make the best of the icy streets by strapping on some skates and whimsically gliding about, the fact of the matter is, winter makes navigating the city a dangerous situation.

Well UBC landscape architecture graduate, Mike Gibbs, came up with an 11-kilometre greenway with a "winter skating lane" he calls a Freezeway he hopes to see implemented in Edmonton, but we think it would a perfect fit for Montreal.

With all the existing bike paths we already have, and the city's proposal for turning the Bonaventure Expressway into an "urban boulevard" in 2017, a freezeway in Montreal seems like a no-brainer. Essentially a greenway that functions as a bike lane in the summer, and transitions into curbside skating lane in the winter,  a freezeway could be the answer to some of our commuting woes.

Not only would skating to school or work be a great way to get in some winter fitness, but it would also make getting around the city easier, and faster than waddling around like a penguin.

See what the freezeway proposal looks like in the video below.

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