This Is The Apple Pie In An Apple

Inception on a whole other level.
This Is The Apple Pie In An Apple

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Get ready for a new kind of inception. For real, screw dreams within dreams, because this recipe takes the overused concept into the realm of sweets and literally puts a pie into the fruit that makes up its filling. Get your brain ready for an applie pie in (wait for it) an actual apple!

Surprisingly simple, double-apple lattice pies may actually be easier to make than a regular pie recipe. You could even go super-simple with it and buy prepared pie dough and apple pie filling, making the whole process an uber-easy late night snack.

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Cut and hollow out your apples

Fill 'em up with homemade or store bought apple pie filling

Roll out and cut your pie dough into strips

Lattice the pie dough on top of the apples

Cut off the edges and place them into a baking pan with about an inch of water inside

Bake at 400 Fahrenheit for 20ish minutes/'til pie dough is golden brown and enjoy!

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