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This Is The "Are You A Nudist?" Quiz

Not your typical internet quiz.
This Is The "Are You A Nudist?" Quiz

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Are you a full-fledged nudist underneath all that restrictive clothing you're forced to wear to work or school everyday? Do you secretly pine to hit up a nude beach and roam naked in the beauty of nature? Well now's the time to find out, with the "Are You a Nudist?" online quiz, and we all know internet quizzes are 100% accurate.

Scott RedCloud from Montreal's The Naturist Page pointed us towards this quirky quiz, which in only ten questions, gives you a percentage of just how much of a nudist you are. Try it out for yourself, you may be surprised at just how much of a nudist you are/aren't. If you attended the Naked Bike Ride and are super jazzed for Montreal's Topless Day, you may already have your answer.

And to answer the question on everyone's mind, I am only 47% nudist, meaning I'm a "Mild Nudist" whose "tan lines get smaller and smaller each year." In truth, that's strangely accurate.

Are you a nudist? Time to find out --> HERE

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