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This Is The Bacon Breakfast Egg Cup

With a new take on guacamole, for good measure.
This Is The Bacon Breakfast Egg Cup

Photo cred - Iowa Girl Eats

A cup of coffee, a cup of tea, or even oatmeal and cereal are pretty standard for breakfast. But who likes to be boring and of the norm? Break off from basic breakfast bitch-hood and put your morning meal into a cup, a bacon cup that is.

Iowa Girl Eats knows that variety (and bacon) is the spice of life, and has created a simple recipe to physically combine bacon and eggs into one easy to eat format. Paired up with gua-kale-mole (the avocado dip with kale added in) this is a well-rounded first meal of the day that'll be satisfying and truly delicious.

Making the guac-kale is as easy as making regular guacamole, then adding in some chopped kale for a trendy-nutritional boost. For the bacon egg cups, read on below, and be sure to check out the full recipe for precise instructions.

Cook your bacon in the oven, which will help them hold their shape better in cup-form.

Line muffin tin-holes with bacon and crack in 'dem eggs

Bake at 400 degrees farenheit for about 10 minutes

Bust out the guac-kale-mole and consume!

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