This Is The Bacon & Eggs Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Sometimes bread does not cut it.
This Is The Bacon & Eggs Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Photo Cred - Alaska From Scratch

A breakfast sandwich doesn't need to be made solely with bread. Thinking outside of the bread-box leads to some magical breakfast creations, and while we got nothing against good 'ol white toast, there are more delicious/creative types of carbs to sandwich-ify. We could be Paula Deen about it and use donuts instead of bread, but rather than have a heart attack this early in the morning, we're opting for waffles.

Waffles are the perfect substitute for bread when it comes to making a breakfast sandwich. Fluffy and firm, waffles can absorb all the gooeyness of eggs and cheese without falling apart. Slightly, but not too, sweet, waffles also pair well whatever type of breakfast food you throw in, from smoky bacon to sugary maple syrup.

Alaska From Scratch created the epic Waffle Breakfast Sandwich you see above, stuffed with sausage, eggs, cheddar cheese, and doused in a not-so-healthy amount of maple syrup. Making your own is pretty simple, just make some waffles and fill two up with the aforementioned ingredients.

Waffles breakfast sandwiches can come in many forms, like the two below, from reddit and, the latter being a more savory BLT version. Fast food chains like Jack in the Box even have waffle sammies on their menu, 'cuz they know how people go nuts for waffles in the morning. We don't know of a Montreal establishment that makes a legit waffle sandwich, but the Lumberjack sandwich at Noveau Palais, a breakfast sandwich with pancakes as bread, comes pretty close.

Photo Cred - Mr.

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