This Is The Bacon Mac & Cheese Cone

You had us at bacon.
This Is The Bacon Mac & Cheese Cone

Photo cred - Disney Food Blog

Just when you think you've seen it all, the wonderful people at Disney's Hollywood Studios decided that comfort-food classic, mac & cheese, was just a little too tame. Sure, everyone loves a deliciously gooey, rich, cheesy macaroni, but add bacon to it, and now we're definitely on our way to the happiest place on earth. But why stop there? Macaroni -good. Cheese - good. Bacon - Better. Bacon Mac & Cheese Bread Cone - TOTAL FOODGASM!

Yes, you could eat your bacon mac & cheese from a regular plate, like a peasant, but why would you do that when you could eat it sinfully heaped into a giant bread cone, turning your mac & cheese experience into fully edible and portable affair.

Bread bowls are nothing new, but eating one overflowing with bacon mac & cheese like an ice cream cone, well that just seems so right. And this ain't no 2-bite sampler we're talking about here. This is- clear your schedule, will be in food coma until further notice. I mean look at it!

Ah, 'Murica!


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