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This Is The Biggest Poutine In Quebec And It's Impossible To Finish

Do you love poutine? Well, of course, you do! You live in Montreal. This delicious dish pretty much defines us as a city. There are endless ways to make a good poutine, but naturally the bigger the better.

Tons of restaurants have claimed to have the best poutine in the city. But have you ever seen the biggest? Well, now you have. I know tons of people who would say that they love poutine so much that they could probably finish it all by themselves. But just by taking a look at this one, you can immediately tell that this is not a job for one person.

In fact, the creators of this MEGA poutineBarcelos suggest that this poutine can feed 14-16 people. It costs $175 (which makes about $10 each) and it is going to FILL you up!

Find it at 342 Boulevard Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier, Mont-Saint-Hilaire.  Just grab your friends and drive on down. Just make sure that you show up on an empty stomach.

The best thing about this poutine is that it comes in 5 different ways! Thank goodness for this because I'd hate to see someone have to eat a poutine this big that they don't even like. You can make it YOUR way! Check out all their awesome choices:

1- La Belle Québécoise (traditional)
2-L'amateur de poulet (chicken)
3-La Portugaise (chorizo)
4-La Fameuse Barcelos (chicken and chorizo)
5-Le Mont-St-Hilaire (chicken, chorizo, and marinated porc)

The poutine contains 13.5 pounds of fries and 5.5 pounds of cheese. And that doesn't even include the sauce, spices, or meats. Just imagine! They claim that this poutine weighs 25 pounds!

I am absolutely blown away. Can you hear my stomach grumbling? Well, if you're looking for a kick-ass lunch, you know where to go. How cool would be if you were able to say that you finished the biggest poutine in Montreal? I challenge you to give it a try.


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