This Is The Cat-Fireplace Video You Should Be Streaming All Winter Long

Everything is better with a cat in the mix.
This Is The Cat-Fireplace Video You Should Be Streaming All Winter Long

Photo cred - Lil BUB

Adding a festive vibe to any room is as easy as flicking on a screen, thanks to the many channels, web pages, and videos that only film a fireplace. While they are inherently a tad ridiculous, a video-fireplace can add a very winter-y atmosphere to any given lodging, so they do serve a purpose. What would be better, however, if all living rooms, stores, and restos played this feline-fireplace video instead.

YouTube channel Lil BUB posted the video below, an hour long "movie" that combines the classic artificial fireplace-on-a-loop with the internet's favourite pet, aka cats. So basically a fireplace with some added cuteness.

Adding another layer of awesome-adorability is the unique nature of the starring cat, named BUB, who wags her tongue out and looks so gosh-darn cute for the entire clip. For any wondering, the cat isn't hopped up on catnip of anything, BUB just happened to be born with certain genetic mutations that make her an extra special cat, and too precious for words.

Light up your living room with a cat and a fireplace this holiday season with Lil BUB's Magical Yule LOG Video, which you can watch below.

See more of BUB by heading to the Lil BUB YouTube page here.

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