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This Is The Coolest Apartment In Montreal Ever! Yes, EVER!

Yes, that's a climbing wall.
This Is The Coolest Apartment In Montreal Ever! Yes, EVER!

Yesterday we did a postaboutMontreal apartments that you can rent for under $700 that featured one particularly unique address.

Normally we don't share sublets or people looking for roommates, but I included this one was simply way too cool to ignore.

Good thing I did, because it ended up getting the most amount of attention, and for good reason:

It has a freaking climbing wall on the inside!

And it's not crappy alternative to a ladder either. I'm talking about an actual full-sized wall with a layout you can alter and an actually belay.

Some people just have all the luck. 

The rest of the apartment is equally as awesome too. It has murals painted on practically every wall, with a big entertainment area, as well as a pretty well-equipped gym, mezzanine beds, and a huge kitchen.

One thing's for sure, you won't get fat living in this apartment. 

Click here for more information.

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