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This Is The "Falafel Nazi" Of Greater Montreal

'Seinfeld' fans will understand the title.
This Is The "Falafel Nazi" Of Greater Montreal

Photo cred - Lydia

Remember the infamous "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld? Well, we may have found the "falafel Nazi of Montreal!" Though to begin, we believe calling anyone a "Nazi" is not okay. With that in mind, read the comparison with a grain of salt. Here's the story of my experience.

Every Middle Eastern family needs their falafel, whether it's for Siami dinners (vegetarian meal) or just any delicious lunch/snack/breakfast/craving/special occasion etc. Falafel Freiha in Laval, is a hole-in-the-wall falafel restaurant, that serves "the most authentic falafel". But beware of the owners.

This falafel is crispy on the outside, filled with chickpeas on the inside, and deep fried to perfection. They also pump out sandwiches like a factory assembly line with big bushels of fresh parsley, tahina drizzled all over, and lift (those pink pickled turnips) all in a pita (mmmmmm, falafellllllll).

Photo cred - Carol

 Restaurant Falafel Freiha inc.

3858 Boulevard Perron

When you walk in you may not receiving a specific greeting, keep in mind, this place is usually very busy. People seem hushed and rushed. With full mouths, the room does not echo with loud conversations. The owner's wife stands at the cash without looking up at anyone - she's very busy filling out orders. When you both finally make eye contact, it's time to take your order. It better be precise and ideally, in Arabic (and not just any Arabic, Lebanese Arabic!).

Picture a long line up. The man at front of the line tries to start a conversation with a woman behind the counter and she literally tells him: "don't talk to me too much". Aside from this, the menu specifically says you can get a dozen, but you have to plead at the counter to get that order special because of how busy the restaurant is...

We almost didn't get our falafel!

We explained that my grandmother was waiting on them. Reluctantly she agreed. It was almost like a covert mission, so that no one would see our dozen, she whispered the order to her husband and when it was ready we were signalled to come pick it up.

An Armenian man before us in line had come all the way from Mirabel to get 6 falafel!!! He said they reminded him of home and he came at least bi-monthly. Everyone else was so tense waiting on their falafel, who knows what happened to them, it's possible they haven't been seen since.

Side note: They make it Lebanese style. Though personally, I prefer the Egyptian ones, green inside with all that delicious coriander.

Photo cred - Medo

And if you don't believe me check out these comments:

 This guy literally refers to her as the falafel Nazi as well!!

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Challenge: get a picture of someone smiling without their mouth full or fighting to get their special order during rush hour. Use #falafelNaziMTL to let us know!

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