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This Is The French Fry, Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza

Just when you thought pizza couldn't get any better.
This Is The French Fry, Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza

Photo cred - Foodinese

Remember back in the day when you could get pizza at McDonald's? It was a magical combination of two types of fast food (burger and fries + pizza) that only lasted a short amount of time, much to the dissapointment of many. Well, the fast food combo is back in a brand new form, just without the burger part, with the French Fry Pizza.

A pizza with a french fry crust, as the name would suggest, the French Fry Pizza is whole new way to enjoy two classic dishes. Held together with cheese, the FF crust looks to be a solid pizza-base. We kinda wish it was a poutine crusted pizza, but the gravy would probably make it way too soggy to pick up a slice.

To make, all you gotta do is form a french fry crust in a circular pan, sprinkle it with tons of cheese, then bake 'til melted together. From there, add on your sauce and toppings, then put in the oven to broil. After a few minutes you have a meal fit for fast food kings. Add some burger meat for the full Mcdonald's effect.

Check out the official recipe from the food-genuises over at Foodinese who created the French Fry Pizza. Feast your eyes as a preview on the pics below.

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