This Is The Game Of Thrones "Kaleesi" Burger

Eat like the mother of dragons.
This Is The Game Of Thrones "Kaleesi" Burger

Everyone's favourite Game of Thrones character, the all-awesomely badass and incredibly sexy, Daenerys Targaryen, has been given the greatest of all fanboy tributes. Mother of Dragons and Breaker of Chains now has her own hamburger.

Called the "Kaleesi," a reference to Danny's royal title among the Dothraki people, the burger is a firey, flavour-packed, meatless burger that looks just as good as madam Stormborn herself. Many thanks to the nerdy geniuses at PornBurger for this mouthwatering womanwich.

There's no meat in this great GoT gustatory creation, and if you're a fan, that'll make sense to you. I can't remember a scene of Danny ever eating meat, and I'm sure she'd be vegetarian (maybe vegan?) if she had the option. Danny is a boss, but she has her morals.

  • Note: this burger will not give you a special bond with dragons, a right to the throne of Westeros, an army of eunuchs, or the drive and passion to abolish slavery.

Will you eat the Kaleesi?

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