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This Is The Guide To Montreal Infographic

Where to go and what to see in the city.
This Is The Guide To Montreal Infographic

Being a tourist in Montreal can be a little daunting. No matter the season, there is so much to do, from festivals, to museums, churches, food, and performances. Living in the age of the interwebs as we do, The Morson group decided to help out any clueless newcomers with an infographic-guide to Montreal.

All the major tourists spots are outlined on the infographic, as are some very useful pointers on getting around, places to eat, and, arguably most importantly, where to drink.

For Montreal natives, it's interesting to see how the infographic lines out what a tourist should do in the city, as opposed to what you'd tell your visiting friends and fam to check out. Does the infographic miss all the authentic Montreal-marks and lead people to the city's biggest tourist traps, or is it true to the city's best attractions? See for yourself below.

How helpful is Morson's infographic?

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