This Is The Hidden Montreal Private Island You Can Buy

It only costs $15,000,000 though.
This Is The Hidden Montreal Private Island You Can Buy

Photo cred - Tower Trip

So you already know that we live on an island. And chances are, you spend a good portion of your summers partying it up on Ile Saint-Helene floating out there in the middle of the St-Laurence River, but let's face it, there's not very much privacy on either of those islands. You don't exactly have the freedom to do whatever you want since they are owned by other people.

There is one island, though, that is still up for grabs, and if you've been wondering how to spend that spare $15 mil you've got lying around, you should totally buy it. Located just 15 minutes North of Montreal, floating on La Rivière des Mille-Iles, the 600, 000 sq.ft. Norbert-Aubé Island is the very last undeveloped island in the area, and your chance to finally build that llama farm you always dreamed of.

Other MTL Blog Staff ideas:

  • Throw a never-ending rave. Is "Island Fever" too cliché?
  • Hunt the most dangerous animal on the planet - Man.
  • Construct a massive tree-house castle and start a micro-nation.
  • Make a pimp-ass resort.
  • Build a dock, "So I can park my boat and shit."
  • Get a Luck Dragon and oversee the land from my Ivory Tower.
  • Start a hidden, self-sustaining community paradise that would eventually collapse and turn to chaos after a couple of members get attacked by sharks and left to die on the beach.

Right now, the only thing there is a small health spa, but the island does have city approval for renovations and expansion works, with provisions for municipal services, which leaves the door wide open to do all kinds of stuff.

Photo cred - Tower Trip

The current owner has apparently also gotten approval for housing development, but, come on, we all know there are enough condos in Montreal already. So if there are any Montreal millionaires reading this right now, please buy this island and turn it into something awesome. They even throw in a Ford 3000 tractor for free!

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