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This Is The Luckiest Man In Montreal

Even on Friday the 13th.
This Is The Luckiest Man In Montreal

No this isn't a clickbait title. This story is just as crazy as it sounds.

A man from Montreal whom you may know better as Tyler Lemco.

Y'know, that guy who decided to make his own campaign posters for no reason other than boredom.

Unfortunately not enough people voted for Tyler (though I'm sure at least a few did) so he had to abandon his political dreams in order to help people in a way that will truly make a difference.

He's selling luck for $1.

Or as he describes it:

"... essentially, you pay one dollar and receive the highest quality in premium well-wishes. Especially with Friday the 13th coming up at the end of the week, good luck is in extremely high demand... so i'm selling it."

We're not exactly sure where all this luck comes from. But legend has is that Tyler was visited in a dream by the leprechaun from the lucky charms box who told him the ancient location of a "luck mine" and he's harvesting it ever since. Some say that if you're quiet enough at night, you can actually hear Tyler toiling away in the mine.

But he's got so much luck that he has decided to share it with the rest of the world.

All you have to do it visit his state of the art, modernly designed website to purchase some luck of your own.

Click here if you feel like getting lucky!

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