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This Is The Maple-Bacon Cronut

Food like this makes the world a better place.
This Is The Maple-Bacon Cronut

Two staples in any Montrealer's diet (bacon and maple syrup) have been alchemically-amalgamated into an awesome new delight of dastardly deliciousness.

This isn't even baking or cooking anymore, this is straight up culinary-witchcraft.

Freshly made and deep fried cronuts, filled with a rich vanilla filling, and topped with a slightly spicy and smoky maple syrup frosting with plenty of bacon showered on top. Yup, we're salivating too.

Make your own, or just start pressuring any/all bakeries in Montreal to get making this epic sweet treat.

I don't care if they don't even make cronuts or donuts, these bad boys would sell like hotcakes. They're basically money in food form, delicious, deep fried, and bacon-y money, which is the best kind. Get on it Montreal bakers.

How badly do you want these all up in your face?

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