This Is The Marijuana French Toast Breakfast Stick

Start your morning off with a kick.
This Is The Marijuana French Toast Breakfast Stick

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Get your mouths ready for a whole 'nother kind of wake and bake, which, to be fair, requires no actual baking, but still involves a sweet breakfast treat that'll get you stoned. Prepare your kitchen and free up your Saturday morning so you can get on making these French Toast Canna-Stix, a breakfast, dessert, and edible all in one delicious package.

Creating these breakfast sticks that get you stoned is exactly like making a maryjane-less version, except instead of milk you need to use CannaMilk (or CannaAlmond Milk for vegans) instead of the standard cow juice. Making your own CannMilk also isn't too difficult (basically infuse weed into milk via heating the two up) and shouldn't take longer than an hour, though you will need a fine sieve like a cheesecloth. See a full recipe for CannaMilk here.

Once you got your CannaMilk all ready, the French Toast Sticks come together pretty easily. Simply soak bread strips in a French Toast batter (CannaMilk, spices, egg) then fry 'em up with butter in a pan or griddle. Douse in maple syrup once they're done and proceed to indulge. Pair with some weed-infused iced coffee or chocolate and experience the best morning ever.

Get the full recipe for French Toast Canna-Stix from right here.

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