This Is The Mini Red Velvet Breakfast Croissant

The best way to start the day is with a croissant we say.
This Is The Mini Red Velvet Breakfast Croissant

Mornings shouldn't start with any food-fibs, so we're going to break it to you right now: the tasty treats above and below are technically not croissants. Yes, they're all rolled up and look like the flaky pastry, but in truth, the mini red delights are rugelach, a type of cookie. We made the same mistake, although we're sticking to our first impression because you can get away with a croissant for breakfast, a cookie not so much.

For those unaware, a rugelach is an Eastern European cookie (shaped like a crescent/croissant, obvi) that is not very sweet, and usually filled with nuts, sugar + cinnamon, or as is common in North America, cream cheese. In line with Red Velvet tradition, and the continent's preference, these crimson treats have a decadent cream cheese filling.

Fusing a rugelach recipe with Red Velvet flavours, these cookie-croissants have some added cocoa, and are made with a fat-base that is butter and cream cheese combined. These mini treats may be small, but they're big on decadence. When the vibrant red dough is rolled with the rich cream cheese filling and all baked up, the only thing going through our minds is "get in my mouth now, please."

The Mini Red Velvet Rugelach/Cookie-Croissants recipe is courtesy of (a fantastic pun, btw) where you can find the recipe. If you don't got time to whip up a batch this morning, take a look at the process through the pics below.

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