This Is The Montreal Bacon Caesar Salad Served In A Bacon Weaved Bowl That You Can Eat

Bacon everything is the best thing.

Photo cred - Brutus

Caesar are one of the most decadent varieties of salad. Often made with a creamy dressing, covered in parmesan, and loaded with bacon, the Caesar salad definitely isn't a "lighter" option, as one may think a salad should be. Bacon-bar Brutus takes the inherent decadence of Caesar salads to new levels of indulgence, to the point they renamed the dish "Salade Brutus."

Like most Caesar salads, Brutus' version starts off with a healthy amount of green lettuce, then things get sinful with huge chunks of bacon, thick parmesan slicers, and a bunch of homemade bread crumbs, all topped with Brutus' homemade dressing. Pretty standard Caesar stuff, 'til you get to the container it can come in.

For an extra $10, Brutus will put you salad into a gigantic bacon bowl. Yes, that is right. 16 laced strips of bacon make up the bowl itself, meaning you can eat a salad filled with bacon inside a bowl made of bacon. Bacon on bacon sounds good to us, though maybe not to out arteries, but who listens to them anyway.

Brutus' menu is chock full of bacon-tastic creations, and you can check out the full food & drink list here. For some visuals, be sure to check out our other features on Brutus' delectables, including: The Pogo-Waffle, Red Bull Wings, Bacon Pizza Pocket, The Bacon Hot Dog, Bacon Sushi, and the Jagermeister Poutine.

Learn more about Brutus at the bar's facebook page here.

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