This Is The Montreal Bacon Pizza Pocket

Brutus just won't stop with the Bacon creations.
This Is The Montreal Bacon Pizza Pocket

Photo Cred - Brutus Bar

Bar Brutus has gained international recognition for its bacon-tastic menu, and for good reason, 'cuz each and every menu item coming out of Brutus' kitchen has made our mouths water for bacon grease. Brutus' latest creation, the Bacon Pizza Pocket, is no exception.

A classier take on the classic after school school snack, Brutus' Bacon Pizza Pocket is fully loaded with diced bacon (of course), pepperoni, and onions. Served with marinara sauce for dipping, it's a meat lover's pizza in a deliciously compact pocket form.

Vegetarians will be very pleased to hear that this menu item will have a no-meat version as well. Don't think Brutus isn't for you if you don't eat bacon, 'cuz Brutus knows vegetarians need love too.

Other creative culinary concoctions to come out of the soon-to-open Rosemont Bar include the Red Bull Chicken Wings, a 100% Bacon Hot Dog, the Bacon Sushi Roll, the Jägermeister Poutine, and the Pogauffre, a pogo-waffle hybrid.

Keep up to date with Brutus (and get more teaser-foodgasms) by checking the bar out on FB, InstagramTwitter, or just head to the official website, although it's still under construction.

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