This Is The Montreal Bacon S'more Sandwich That You Will Love To Regret Eating

Because adding bacon is S'more good

Photo cred - Brutus

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, bacon-combo wise that is, Brutus has got us drooling yet again with their latest bacon creation, the Bacon S'more.

One of the simplest and tastiest deserts known to man, and women, is the classic S'more sandwich. The warm gooey goodness of melty chocolate, toasted marshmallow, all delightfully sandwiched between two golden Graham crackers, but chances are you probably neglect this campfire favourite when you're out and about getting your drank on in the city. Not anymore, because the bacon powerhouse that is Brutus now offers their own S'more with a homemade Graham cookie topped with Hershey chocolate, a homemade marshmallow, topped off with a thick and juicy slice of sweet, sweet bacon.

The now world-famous bacon bar, has been wowing and tantalizing our carnivorous taste-buds since last August with bacontastic menu items like the Bacon-bowl Caesar salad, the 100% Bacon Hot Dog, and the Jägermeister Poutine to name a few, and we think the Bacon S'more is a perfect addition. Check out Brutus' facebook page and Instagram for some serious bacon food porn, if you like that sorta thing of course.