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This Is The Montreal Bagel & Cream Cheese Bloody Caesar

L'Gros Luxe completely reinvents the tomatoey classic.

Photo cred - L'Gros Luxe

A true hangover cure is hard to come by. You can go the food route, eating something carb-y and comforting to sop up any leftover alcohol and make your tummy feel all warm and fuzzy. Or you can do the hair of the dog thing, and lessen the pain with some drank. L'Gros Luxe, one of Montreal's newest and best bar-eats and Bloody Caesar spots lets you do both with the Montreal Bagel Caesar.

Montreal's iconic bagel got Caesar'd yesterday at L'Gros Luxe Mile End, as part of their Caesar of the Day special. The Bagel-Caesar features a sesame St. Viateur bagel, smeared with plenty of cream cheese, atop L'Gros Luxe's classic Bloody Caesar.

Not the first crazy Caesar concoction to come out of L'Gros Luxe, the resto-bar, depsite only being open for a few months, has gained a widespread reputation for being the city's premiere Caesar spot.

Get all the info and pics of L'Gros Luxe's food-drink combos at their FB page here.

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