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This Is The Montreal "Bed Bug Infestation" Map

Avoid an infestation.
This Is The Montreal "Bed Bug Infestation" Map

There is absolutely nothing worse than a bed bug infestation. 

Falling asleep is made into a terrifying experience as your bed becomes the playground of a swarm of tiny insects who want nothing more than to pinch your flesh and make their way into every other inch of your apartment. 

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If you’ve ever dealt with bed bugs in Montreal, and it’s a pretty common occurrence, then you know what we’re talking about. 

Hopefully, however, you never have to deal with bed bugs. This map can help. 

Some amazing citizen took the time to compile all of the “declarations” made by pest exterminators in Montreal. 

Using data collected on the City of Montreal website, the interactive widget maps out which buildings in Montreal have had exterminators remove an infestation, when it happened, and the overall number of exterminations that have occurred in said location. 

The map even breaks things down by borough, so you can get a visual for where bed bugs are most prominent. 

Of course, this map won’t shield you from a bed bug problem entirely. Those nasty insects can get into your house any number of ways. 

Still, it’s incredibly useful to know whether or not your building or apartment (or one you’re planning to move into) has a history of bed bugs and insect infestations. 

If the spot you’re living in/planning to live in is a big red dot on the map, showcasing a high rate of exterminator call-ins, then you may want to make other living arrangement. Or, at the least, ensure that the proper measures have been taken to remove any and all bugs from the premises. 

Take a look at the Montreal bed bug map here

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