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This Is The Montreal Canadiens "Onesie"

You know you want at least 2 of these.
This Is The Montreal Canadiens "Onesie"

Everyone wants a onesie. Don't try and hide it. Even if you think they're silly, juvenile, or "unmanly," you can't deny that the idea of wearing a snug and fleecy one-piece garment sounds like the zenith of comfort. Most onsies are a little childish in design, made to look like plush animals or anime creatures, so we can see how many adults wouldn't rock a onsie, though we've found a onsie that every Montreal would want to rock. Get your credit cards ready to order the Montreal Canadiens Team Uniform Onesie.

Created by, as part of their whole line of NHL team onsies, the Habs team design is made to look exactly like a player's uniform. Crafted entirely out of polar fleece, the Habs onsie is the ultimate fusion between comfort and team pride. Screw wearing a jersey, 'cuz nothing says your a hardcore fan than wearing a freakin' Habs onsie.

Walking around Montreal in the Habs onsie won't get you weird looks or behind-the-back giggles from people in the streets like a regular onsie would. If people say you rocking this bad boy, you'd probably get a few cheers and more than a few high-fives. Sporing the Habs onsie to a game would also guarantee you some time on the big screen whenever they cameras turn to the folks in the crowd, because you would look like the ultimate fan.

Get your own Habs onsie by heading to the product listing at HockeySockey here. Check out the full NHL line here.

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