This Is The Montreal Maple Bacon Stick

For when you need bacon at 3am.

Photo cred - Brutus

It is 2am. You've just finished your 5th (or was that 6th?) drink, and now all the alcohol is finally seeping into your stomach, inciting some next level drunchies. The only problem is, the kitchen closed at 1am, meaning you're gonna have to go elsewhere, or wait 'til you go home, before you can put any delicious grease into your system. Late night kitchen closing woes may be a thing at most bars, but Brutus has you covered.

In true Brutus fashion, the Rosemont bar has started to offer a special snack for those looking to mack on bacon in the wee hours of the morning with their Midnight Stix. Offered only after the bar's normal kitchen hours and until closing (12am-3am), Midnight Stix are Brutus' answer to late night snack-age, and they won't disappoint.

Brutus' Midnight Stix are 12 pieces of bacon candied with maple syrup, making for a delectable balance between sweet and savoury. Priced at a reasonable $9, the maple candied bacon sticks are meant to be shared, but no judgement if you consume a whole batch in a drunchie-frenzy. It's hard to say no to maple and bacon individually, together is a whole other story.

One of the many crazy bacon creations at Brutus, be sure to start your eating off with a Bacon-bowl Caesar salad, a 100% bacon hot dog, or some Bacon Sushi. See more of Brutus' bacon-tastic eats at their Facebook page here.

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