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This Is The Montreal Croissant Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Yo' Dough does it again.
This Is The Montreal Croissant Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Eating a cookie for breakfast isn't exactly the most justifiable (or remotely healthy) diet choice, but what if said cookie was fused with a breakfast staple, like the croissant? We don't even need to live in a world of hypothetical croissant-cookie actions thanks to Yo'Dough Cookies latest test creation, the chocolate croissant cookie.

A Montreal cookie brand known for creating some deliciously off the wall flavours, Yo'Dough's latest baking feat seems to be a combo of chocolate chip cookie and a croissant, with huge chunks of chocolate and croissant dough housed inside of a cookie. Only seen (for now) on Yo'Dough's Instagram account, the chocolate croissant cookie is still in the testing phase, as Yo'Dough prepares to launch a new set of crazy flavours.

More crazy cookies that are all hopefully on their way to a wide release include a cinnamon bun cookie, some sort of blueberry pie cookie, a chocolate covered pretzel cookie, and a chocolate cake cookie with legit chunks of chocolate cake baked right in. No word on which of these flavours will be released (if any) but Yo'Dough's online cookie shop says more flavours are "coming soon." Hopefully that "soon" means sooner rather than later.

Check out the potential lineup of new flavours from Yo'Dough below, and be sure to head over to Yo'Dough's Instagram account for more updates, and the official website to get your hands on cookies right now.

The Cinnamon Bun Cookie

The Blueberry Pie Cookie

The Chocolate Covered Pretzel Cookie

The Chocolate Cake Cookie

And once more, for good measure, the Chocolate Croissant Cookie

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