This Is The Montreal "Fire Poutine"

So spicy it caught fire.
This Is The Montreal "Fire Poutine"

Photo cred - Brutus

Lighting things we ingest on fire just makes foods and drinks more enticing, for whatever reason. Flaming shots are the zenith of crazy-party-girl drinking, the Greek cheese Saganaki is best enjoyed when recently flaming, and flambé'ing any dessert is a good idea, but what would happen when you light a poutine on fire? Come next Feburary, Brutus will answer that culinary conundrum.

Taking their classic Jägermeisterpoutine and adding more than just a few flames, the "JägerFirePoutine" will feature gouda cheese, caramelized onions, Jägermeister gravy infused with chipotle, and thick slices of bacon à la “picanha." All of that will be sprinkled with Bacardi 151 then lit on fire, making a flaming delight of decadence.

Brutus' JägerFirePoutine will be the resto's entry into Poutine Week 2015, running next February 1st to 7th. The event is a contest, with citizens voting on their favourite poutine, but it'll be hard to top a poutine that is literally on fire.

Photo cred - Busy in Brooklyn

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