This Is The Montreal Grilled Cheese

A cheesy ode to the city.
This Is The Montreal Grilled Cheese

Photo cred - BSinthekitchen

Sometimes simplicity is best. Using only three or four ingredients can create a dish far superior to something jam-packed with spices, sauces, and other trendy add-ons, because when you're using great ingredients, you don't need to try so hard to bring out a lot of flavour. That is doubly true when using famous Montreal food stuffs as ingredients, such as with the Montreal Grilled Cheese recipe, a straight to the point grilled cheese loaded with deliciousness.

Three things make up the Montreal Grilled Cheese, created by the GC geniuses at BS in the Kitchen. Making up the MTLGC is the simple mix of mustard smeared rye bread, Montreal smoked meat, and plenty of cheese curds to bind it all together. A Montreal grilled cheese trinity of flavours that already has our mouths watering.

Just as easy to make as any other grilled cheese, just fry your mustard'd rye bread in a pan with plenty of cheese curds. When the curds have gotten to the right melty-level, stack on a bunch of smoked meat, sandwich the bread together, and you're done. Pair with a kosher pickle and you have a meal made for any Montrealer, any time of the day.

Check out the full recipe for the Montreal Grilled Cheese at BS in the Kitchen, and feast your eyes on some pics below.

Photo creds - BSinthekitchen

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