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This Is The Montreal Jägermeister Poutine

A delicious new way to enjoy liquor with poutine.
This Is The Montreal Jägermeister Poutine

Poutine and alcohol were meant to be enjoyed together. I mean, really, what better time is there to eat a poutine than when you're more than a little tipsy and craving some drunchies? That was the only way poutine-alcohol combo, until now, as the soon to open Rosemont bar Brutus has joined poutine and drank like never before, with their Jägermeister Poutine.

Bacon, caramelized red onions, cheese curds, and a homemade Jägermeister sauce are gratuitously topped over a bed of french fries for a poutine that is simple, yet entirely creative. An added extra touch is the serving dish, a recycled Jägermeister bottle cut to house the poutine.

The Jägermeister poutine is one more addition to the impressive list of foodgasms already showcased by Brutus, including the Pogo-waffle (Pogauffre) and the Bacon Sushi Roll. Combine these eats with Brutus' focus on bacon, beer, bourbon, and Bloody Mary's, and you have a drink and food menu that is sure to please.

Keep up to date with Brutus (and get more teaser-foodgasms) by checking the bar out on FB, InstagramTwitter, or just head to the official website, although it's still under construction.

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