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This Is The Montreal Mile-End House That Makes Wood Look Oh So Good

Waverly Residence that has mega presence.
This Is The Montreal Mile-End House That Makes Wood Look Oh So Good

Wood paneling just makes every home look better. Maybe its the natural/forest-y feel the materials gives off, or how the wood reflects the light, but no matter the reason, a house decked out in wood paneling automatically looks ritzy, while still being warm and inviting. The Waverly Residence by Tremblay-Lespérance Architecture uses this design feature with massive success, renovating an urban home to invoke a contemporary-pastoral vibe.

Located in Montreal's Mile End on Waverly street (hence the name) the project was solely a home renovation, as the architectural firm installed tinted wood siding to the exterior of the home to create a modernly rural look. Matching wood sunshades and a rooftop terrace make the Waverly Residence all the more inviting, especially for summer time chilling/drinking.

Architects at Tremblay-Lespérance completed the renovations in a very green manner, using solely sustainable materials, while also installing large south-facing windows to allow more natural light, and therefore heat, into the home. Green never looked so good.

Take a tour through the Waverly Residence through the photos below.

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