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This Is The Montreal Nutella Brownie

The greatest chocolate treat that that you'll wanna eat on repeat.
This Is The Montreal Nutella Brownie

Photo cred - 2 Sorelle Gelato Cafe 

Brownies are already a decadent indulgence, yet, room for more delectable additions always exist in any brownie recipe. Marshmallows, caramel, chocolate chips, and even other baked goods can be thrown into a brownie mix with amazing results. Montreal's 2 Sorelle Gelato Cafe has found the perfect brownie-addition though, and its name is Nutella.

A brand new menu item, 2 Sorelle Gelato Cafe's brownies are 100% homemade and now infused with the chocolate-hazelnut awesomeness that is Nutella. No one can deny the pleasure Nutella provides, and when combined with a rich chocolate brownie, the taste experience breaches into the realm of dessert ecstasy.

2 Sorelle hasn't stopped the Nutella-train though, as the gelato-baked good store combo has also created Nutella and almond stuffed crescent cookies. Apparently the staff is "Nutella Drunk" this week, and we hope they don't get off the hooch.

Feast your eyes on both and head to 2 Sorelle Gelato Cafe to taste 'em for realsies.

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