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This Is The Montreal Nutella S'mores French Toast

A festive breakfast feast.
This Is The Montreal Nutella S'mores French Toast

Photo cred - Eggspectation Complexe Desjardins

Breakfast, being the first meal of the day, allows for some major dietary wiggle room. You can pretty much eat anything, no matter how decadent or sweet, and just say "Oh, I'll burn it off throughout the day" and not feel guilty about it. That's what we're going to be telling ourselves once we get our hands on some Nutella-S'mores French Toast, now being served by Eggspectation Complexe Desjardins.

Two fluffy pieces of brioche are stuffed with a decadent amount of Nutella and marshmallows, which is then fried to sinful perfection, then doused in pure maple syrup and some chocolate sauce, which is the ingredient breakdown for this Montreal breakfast dish. It's kind of like brunch and camping fused into one, with some dessert mixed in for good measure.

Right in the heart of Quartier des festival, on street level within Complexe Desjardin, you can start your day off right (or wrong, in the good way) by heading to Eggspectation and ordering yourself a Nutella-S'mores French Toast. Head over to the resto's Facebook page for more details.

Photo cred – Gothamist

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