This Is The Montreal Pickle Poutine

It does not get any better than this.
This Is The Montreal Pickle Poutine

Photo cred - @kentseaver

In Portland, the motto may be "we can pickle that," and it seems like Montreal has caught wind of the trend. In true Montreal fashion, we ain't pickling veggies or eggs, we're throwing the one-time cucumber into a poutine.

The pickle poutine can be found at Poutine Laurier, just a bit east of Papineau on de Lormier and Laurier. Officially knowns as the "Poutine Montreal," the dish contains smoked meat, pickles, and pieces of hot dog. It's like a whole Montreal deli experience condensed into a poutine form.

Priced at $9.15, this is one poutine we gotta try. We'd personally add some mustard and sauerkraut on it for full deli-effect, but either way, pickles in a poutine is a strange yet oh-so-welcome addition to the long list of existing poutine ingredients.

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