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This Is The Montreal Pogo Waffle

Brutus bar is making some next level eats.
This Is The Montreal Pogo Waffle

Photo cred - Brutus

Brutus, a brand new bar set to open in Rosemont, has yet to even open its kitchen, and the bacon-centric bar is already making us salivate. Petit Petit Gamin posted about one of Brutus's unique menu items, and it looks like its gonna be quite the foodgasm. Combining two classics, Brutus has created the Pogauffre.

A pogo (so a corndog) with a waffle crust, the Pogauffre is but one of many amazing creations that are set to grace the menu at Brutus. Only a few teasers have been released but pretty much confirms Brutus is gonna be quite the eating experience.

Brutus doesn't have an official opening date yet, but the many menu-posts and pics of the decor point to "pretty soon." Described as a bar all about beer, bourbon, Bloody Mary's, and bacon, we can't wait 'til we can eat and drink at Brutus.

Keep up to date with Brutus (and get more teaser-foodgasms) by checking the bar out on FB, InstagramTwitter, or just head to the official website, although it's still under construction.

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