This Is The Montreal Pulled Duck Poutine

Van Houtte's new secret menu is amazing.

Montreal-based cafe chain Van Houtte is testing out two new menu items that are sure to please the taste buds of the city's citizens: duck and pork poutines. Coffee and poutine aren't exactly the most intuitive of combinations, but Van Houtte is hoping the public will respond well, and more poutine is always a good thing, right?

We actually had no clue about this new secret/random addition to the Van Houtte menu, so thanks to D TA who tipped us off about the dish. You know we're poutine-crazed so we couldn't help but follow up and find out about Van Houtte's new cheese-gravy-potato dish.

Speaking to a representative from Van Houtte, the new poutine offerings are part of a market test-run before the coffee chain formalizes their new fall menu which will be launched in October. As of now, only two locations in Montreal are serving the Van Houtte poutine (the St Catherine E & Metcalfe spots) along with one cafe in Drummondville.

Doing things a little differently, Van Houtte is making poutines with rosted red potatoes that are baked and sliced in quarters, instead of fries. Demi-glazed gravy and Oka cheese fill out the poutine-trifecta,  with pulled pork or pulled duck added on top.

We headed over to the St. Catherine E location for a taste, and while these aren't your typical poutines, both varieties are quite tasty. VH is going the fancy/artisanal route, so don't expect a 3am Belle Pro poutine kinda flavour, which is good for anyone looking for some higher brow flavours. The sweet gravy complimented the shredded meats nicely, and the fluffy potatoes made sure nothing got soggy. All in all, a high-end poutine that's much better than you'd expect from a cafe.

Another menu item being tested by Van Houtte right now include muffcakes, which is a muffin-cupcake hybrid, as you'd guess. The duck and pork poutines are the stars of the show, however, and hopefully they'll get a widespread release to all Van Houttes come October. If you want poutine at all Van Houttes, head over to either location and show your poutine-support.

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