This Is The Montreal "Red Bull" Chicken Wing

Red Bull now gives you wings... chicken wings!

Photo cred - Brutus

We've all heard Red Bull's infamous tagline: "Red Bull gives you wings." Now Bar Brutus, Rosemont's soon to open watering hole and eatery, is making the metaphor literal, having created their very own Red Bull chicken wings.

Brutus' first signature wing dish is a mix of chicken drumsticks and wings lathered in a sweet and sour sauce that's infused with a bit of Red Bull to add an energetic kick of flavour. Red Bull may have been a drink before, but Brutus has turned it into an esoteric ingredient in a dish we gotta get our hands (and mouths) on.

This isn't the first flavour-combo to come out of Brutus, as the bar has released some incredibly enticing menu teasers that are all unlike any we've seen before. Already on our to-eat list is 100% Bacon Hot Dog, the Bacon Sushi Roll, the Jägermeister Poutine, and the Pogauffre, a pogo-waffle hybrid. Needless to say, we can't wait for Brutus to open and fill our mouths with delicious and interesting eats.

Keep up to date with Brutus (and get more teaser-foodgasms) by checking the bar out on FB, InstagramTwitter, or just head to the official website, although it's still under construction.

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