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This Is The Montreal Summer 2014 "Share A Smile Challenge"

Smile for a while, or for a month.
This Is The Montreal Summer 2014 "Share A Smile Challenge"

Photo cred - Annex Photography

August is all about getting smiley like Miley (before the whole twerk-phase) with the month-long Share a Smile Challenge. A supposed worldwide initiative, you can help make Montreal known as the smiliest city in the world, and all you gotta do is show 'dem pearly whites.

Your task is simple: smile. Smile to your family, smile to your cashier, smile to any and everyone, 'cuz as the Armstrong song goes: when you're smiling the world smiles with you.

That's pretty much the goal of the Worldwide Smile Challenge, and you can make sure your smile is seen by posting pics to the official FB page. They'll be collecting and compiling smile-pics all month long to create a city-wide wall of smiles. Events and updates will be popping up as August goes on, so be sure to join the group and get smiling.

The smile initiative seems pretty new, but regardless of the origins, goals, or events, sharing a smile will only make the world a happier place. Do your part and get smiling.

Learn more a the Montreal Share a Smile FB page.

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