This Is The Montreal Vegan Poutine You Can Eat On Bishop Street

Everything you love about poutine, with a vegan-twist.
This Is The Montreal Vegan Poutine You Can Eat On Bishop Street

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Getting a vegan poutine isn't exactly easy in the city. Montreal does have more vegan restos and food-options than most metropolises, but when it comes to the city's iconic dish/poutine, the choices are a bit limited. Other than La Banquise, we actually don't know many places to get a vegan poutine, so good thing Copper Branch is rocking one nowadays.

Open since in September, Copper Branch is a 100% vegan supermarket that also has a its own cafe/eatery. Plenty of delectable vegan dishes are on the Copper Branch menu, but for any vegans looking to satiate their cravings for cheese, gravy, and fries, just go ahead and order the vegan poutine.

How does on make a poutine vegan, you ask? Well Copper Branch does it by subbing out meat gravy and cheese curds with a portabello miso sauce and dairy-free daiya mozzaraella. Both are mixed with house-baked french fries and cremini mushrooms to make a very legit poutine, which is perfectly paired with a sweet potato and black bean burger. Any skeptics should head over to Copper Branch and try the vegan poutine, which is definitely comparable with any all-animal variety.

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Feast your eyes on Copper Branch's vegan poutine, and be sure to head over to the store's Facebook page and official website for more info.

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