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This Is The Montreal Vs. Boston Infographic

Cities with so much history it was bound to happen.
This Is The Montreal Vs. Boston Infographic

The Habs and the Bruins haven't even played a game against each other yet, but that hasn't stopped fans from feuding and talking smack.

One (seemingly) impartial history/hockey fan thought it would be useful to compare the two teams, not on their current playing ability or statistics, but on the many features of their respective cities.

Dubbed the "Montreal Vs. Boston Infographic," the pic compares and contrasts the defining features of Montreal and Boston, including things like historical acts of rebellion, sweet treats, and even accents.

In all fairness, the infographic makes things seem pretty even between the two cities and the two teams. We, here in Montreal, however, know that isn't the case. When the Habs take on the Bruins tomorrow, all of Boston will clue in as well.

See the Montreal VS Boston Infographic below.

How badly will the Habs crush the Bruins?

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