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This Is The Most Beautiful Place In Canada To View Fall Foliage

You won't believe your eyes!
This Is The Most Beautiful Place In Canada To View Fall Foliage

With the long weekend about to begin, many of us may be looking at spending some time away from the city and venturing out to experience the ultimate Canadian Thanksgiving. For many, this includes enjoying the gorgeous fall foliage covering most of Quebec right now.

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TL;DR The "Flambée des couleurs" fall festival offers a panoramic gondola ride that takes you up Quebec's Mount Orford for the best fall foliage views in all of Canada. The fall foliage in the province is currently at its peak, making this weekend the perfect time to go.

With so much forested land in the province, it's arguably the best foliage in the entire country. Better yet, we're currently at the peak of the season, so there's no better weekend to find an activity that will give you the best views of the red, yellow, and orange outdoors.

Luckily, Quebec is home to an incredible gondola that offers the best fall foliage views you'll ever get.

This panoramic gondola takes you over the giant Mount Orford for the special "Flambée des couleurs" fall festival.

Five belvederes await you at the summit of the mountain, giving you even more photo opportunities to capture the true essence of Quebec's enchanting autumn colours.

You also have the choice of hiking up to the summit for picture-perfect views. But who wouldn't take a unique gondola ride that gives you a bird's-eye view of the foliage. You'll never want to be down on the ground again!

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The drive to this gorgeous park is only an hour and a half outside of Montreal, making it the perfect Thanksgiving weekend getaway for you and your loved ones!

For more information on this magical gondola right, click HERE.

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